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Do You Want to Be a Coach?

by Sandy Jost, PhD17. January 2014 08:18

Wishing to pursue a career in which you have the skills to help motivate another person? What a GREAT and needed service this is in today's world!

Titles such as "Personal Trainer," "Wellness Coach," "Life Coach," or even "Patient Advocate" all provide clients with the symbolic comfort that this professional has the ability to reach DEEP into their subconscious mind so that "they can help me to find my motivation and have ways to support me through those sometimes difficult steps I might need to take in life!"

Isn't this the KIND of coach you wish to be?

Just like in sports, we know that TOP performers need outside guidance and support from SKILLED coaches. And we have seen over and over again that what makes a GREAT coach is not athletic ability, but their ability to understand people and know what motivates them. So is the case for ALL areas of coaching.

Do you wish to be known as a GREAT coach ... who gets results?

We could all get "generic coaching" from the various resources that exist today, like an app, a website, or even an employer resource. But someone who really wants results knows that the more personalized the support, the better results they will have for their efforts!

So if YOU get your "kicks" from watching others succeed, then THIS whole wide-open FIELD of coaching is a great career path for you!

Don't just become skilled in the area of expertise for which you are coaching. Your training should ALSO include becoming skilled in the workings of the mind, the emotions, and the ability of thought to HARDWIRE a brain for positive change. 

Become a coach, but get personalized attention for YOURSELF TOO! Reach out to the Healing Images™ style of training and find out how this can be the most effective and affordable decision you make today.  



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Sandy Jost, PhD

Dr. Jost's career mirrors the changes within science as it has come to recognize the power of connection between body, mind, & spirit. Degrees in biology & nutritional biochemistry drew her increasingly toward mind-body interactions, where studies showed that thought could change body chemistry. So finding answers in the cutting edge of integrative sciences, Jost received a PhD in psychology & is now a noted author, speaker, & educator on the body-mind connection.

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