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Don't you hate it when ... [part 2]

by Sandy Jost, PhD14. January 2014 12:46

 ... Another pet peeve of mine is when ...

Illness of any kind is regarded as a FAILURE!

The body is always EXPRESSING.

For that matter, so is the mind and spirit. But the body seems to grab our attention with WHAT it's expressing only when it's giving us some kind of "painful experience!" This is the only kind of expression that we notice! Let's face it, we don't exactly notice things that are going along without hiccup, so to speak.

Yet hiccups make us notice even our BREATHING!!!

Do we "blame" our minds for speaking in "English" (or French, Spanish, etc.) when it has been "trained" to do so since birth? NO!

Then why do we "blame" the body when it is expressing whatever it NEEDS to express in order to let us know what is going on inside!!?

This is what we SHOULD want our bodies to do ... EXPRESS even ILLNESS!!!!

I, for example, have a heavy dose of heavy metals inside my body. Soon enough my body TOLD me that something was wrong!

Once I learned that these toxins didn't seem to be coming from any CURRENT source I was exposed to, and this exposure apparently came from some point in my past, it served me no purpose whatsoever to search for a place of "blame!"

Blaming "the inside" of my body for breaking down would have been silly. Blaming "the outside" of my body because of the politics of modernization would have been a distraction!!!!

What I needed to do was to BLESS my body ... RIGHT NOW ... for its ability to draw my attention to this issue, for it needed my HELP!!!

So please, my dear students ... help others to look at any and all illnesses with NO kind of blame, shame, or failure! The body is BLESSING you with its wisdom! Let it speak! Let it TELL you where things are breaking down. But you MUST LISTEN CLOSELY!

Tools that help one to go deep enough into the wisdom of body/mind/spirit ... the place where we are ONE ... can help us all to seek instead the answers to questions such as: How does this current information helps me determine whether or not I am expressing ALL of the life my Spirit came here wanting me to Live!

Is there anything YOUR body is trying to tell YOU now ... that you have been trying so very hard NOT to hear?


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Don't you hate it when ... [part 1]

by Sandy Jost, PhD13. January 2014 11:50

I have a few "pet peeves" in my field of work and here is one:

Others don't "want" me to be sad from time to time and so they try to "cheer me up!"

Now although you may disagree with me here, I have personally learned to LOVE my moods that send me only to the "cocooning process!" I've learned through personal experience, that on "the other side" of this sad time ... even SEVERELY SAD times, comes with some creative idea that turned this whole cocooning process on its head!!! Gee ... I guess that's why they call it cocooning: because some real creative transformation is going on!!!

I wish there were some better ways to say this (ANY SUGGESTIONS ANYONE?) ... but I find myself just telling them "I have come to RESPECT these moods ... and so I don't WANT to rush through them ... and in fact, I sometimes have learned that my body is TELLING me something IMPORTANT!" It feels as if this sentence is too long and their eyes are glazing over. But then again, MAYBE their eyes ARE glazing over because they are rethinking their OWN darker moods!

In the interest of full disclosure ... Altho you'd think I would personally remember this whole point without pause (... that the body and mind ARE completely inseparable, for this, after all, is what I teach) even I tend to forget this. Therefore, I want you to know that my FIRST reaction when my mind goes south ... is to be "disappointed" in myself somehow. My first assumption seems to always be that it's a problem with my MIND! But then I remember to look deeper into my life, current habits, lifestyle, beliefs ... and find that I MIGHT discover things needing to change that concern my body, my mind, or nothing at all!

The important thing to remember through this stage of inner self-discovery is that EVERYTHING the body gives to you at all times ... is of interest. It's up to you to treat this as a gift of information or a handicap.



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Sandy Jost, PhD

Dr. Jost's career mirrors the changes within science as it has come to recognize the power of connection between body, mind, & spirit. Degrees in biology & nutritional biochemistry drew her increasingly toward mind-body interactions, where studies showed that thought could change body chemistry. So finding answers in the cutting edge of integrative sciences, Jost received a PhD in psychology & is now a noted author, speaker, & educator on the body-mind connection.

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