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Don't you hate it when ... [part 1]

by Sandy Jost, PhD13. January 2014 11:50

I have a few "pet peeves" in my field of work and here is one:

Others don't "want" me to be sad from time to time and so they try to "cheer me up!"

Now although you may disagree with me here, I have personally learned to LOVE my moods that send me only to the "cocooning process!" I've learned through personal experience, that on "the other side" of this sad time ... even SEVERELY SAD times, comes with some creative idea that turned this whole cocooning process on its head!!! Gee ... I guess that's why they call it cocooning: because some real creative transformation is going on!!!

I wish there were some better ways to say this (ANY SUGGESTIONS ANYONE?) ... but I find myself just telling them "I have come to RESPECT these moods ... and so I don't WANT to rush through them ... and in fact, I sometimes have learned that my body is TELLING me something IMPORTANT!" It feels as if this sentence is too long and their eyes are glazing over. But then again, MAYBE their eyes ARE glazing over because they are rethinking their OWN darker moods!

In the interest of full disclosure ... Altho you'd think I would personally remember this whole point without pause (... that the body and mind ARE completely inseparable, for this, after all, is what I teach) even I tend to forget this. Therefore, I want you to know that my FIRST reaction when my mind goes south ... is to be "disappointed" in myself somehow. My first assumption seems to always be that it's a problem with my MIND! But then I remember to look deeper into my life, current habits, lifestyle, beliefs ... and find that I MIGHT discover things needing to change that concern my body, my mind, or nothing at all!

The important thing to remember through this stage of inner self-discovery is that EVERYTHING the body gives to you at all times ... is of interest. It's up to you to treat this as a gift of information or a handicap.



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Metaphors are "bigger" than words!

by Sandy Jost, PhD11. January 2013 12:53

Blogs, although they often have a few stationary pictures here and there, are mainly trying to entertain the reader through the art of  words. Yet in my work, I try to constantly teach the limitation of words so that a person will learn the value of the mind using multi-dimensional imagery. This is the way a person can best change their body chemistry.

Words are three-dimensional. Bodies are multi-dimensional. Effective guided imagery also uses sound, taste, smell, and of course, touch (which includes the kinesthetic nature of emotions). And the multi-dimensional WORDS that work best are metaphors!

Why metaphors?

I think it's because the fact that we ARE multi-dimensional vs. three-dimensional beings. Oh, we can only label things, like body, mind, & spirit for example, with words. But a word is ONLY able to communicate three-dimensional aspects of something. Metaphors are able to communicate whole concepts that are likely to take a person deeper than the word itself.

Now if you possess the ability to use metaphors in your guided imagery that speak to your emotions ... well, that is the whole secret to "successful" imagery!

Whether you decide to incorporate guided imagery into your attempts to diminish the size of a cancer tumor or speed up your weight loss efforts, bodily functions are going to be affected most by metaphors that can conjure up some emotions within you. The "perfect" metaphor, then, is one that "speaks" to the depth of your soul!

Information here in this blog will hopefully help you to stretch your mind beyond the three-dimensional scope of  words and images. It is when 1 plus 1 turns out to equal 3!

So I ask that you please be patient with any and all words in this blog. Words represent a whole three-dimensional culture that we so love to be a part of ... and, in fact, the Internet you are interacting through right now actually thrives and has completely taken off because of them!

In the end though, it is all meant to encourage the DEEPER you ... and even more fun ... perhaps a brand new way of thinking!


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Epigenetics: Offers Us Each a "New Story" in Life!

by Sandy Jost, PhD7. January 2013 10:17

Science has not given us this much "hope" and "control" in a long time!


But what will you do with this information once you know you can ... REWIRE your BRAIN!!!?


Take a quick moment to click on this podcast and enjoy a five-minute explanation of basic epigenetics in words that anyone can understand.


But be sure to take an extra moment to add your comments below. Tell others what you think about the possibilities this might offer us all!




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Podcast: Is Guided Imagery Controversial?

by Sandy Jost, PhD4. January 2013 16:28

If guided imagery is so great ... why is it sometimes controversial? 


Perhaps as a medical professional, or even a patient, you have seen this firsthand. Have you run into situations where others are hesitant to use or even speak of holistic or integrative techniques? How have you handled this issue to date?


Listen HERE to get my perspective!


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Sandy Jost, PhD

Dr. Jost's career mirrors the changes within science as it has come to recognize the power of connection between body, mind, & spirit. Degrees in biology & nutritional biochemistry drew her increasingly toward mind-body interactions, where studies showed that thought could change body chemistry. So finding answers in the cutting edge of integrative sciences, Jost received a PhD in psychology & is now a noted author, speaker, & educator on the body-mind connection.

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