Healing Images ONLINE Guided Imagery Certification symposium


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Class: Healing Images ONLINE Guided Imagery Certification symposium

Guided imagery teaches the patient how to draw upon the power of the mind to speak the body’s language of stress relief and disease management. It has proven to be a promising complement to conventional treatments for people dealing with cancer, anxiety, issues with pain management, quality of life, and even weight management.

What you get . . . with the ONLINE Healing Images™ Guided Imagery Certification Symposium:
- Overview of the current use and of guided imagery in every day healthcare
- Introduction to psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and the mind’s ability to change body chemistry
- Latest research in brain plasticity and neurogenesis: to learn new behaviors and rewire itself
- Physiology of short-term stress, long-term stress, and relaxation
- Difference between harnessing the power of the mind vs. the belief that one must maintain constant “positive thinking”
- Epigenetics: altering DNA by changing nutritional & emotional environmental factors
- Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) basics, a tool to help change one’s perceptions of events
- The “art” of metaphorical language in health practices
- Introduction to the role of nutrition in chronic illnesses
- Discussion for a newly emerging medical model that aims for more three-dimensional healing
- Integrative technique resources, with suggestions for how to introduce this to patients
- Role of integrative techniques in the treatment of cancer, pain-management, depression, sleep, anxiety, weight loss, and overall quality of life issues

Summary of topics covered:
- Neuroplasticity ... your mind’s ability to learn new behaviors and rewire itself
- Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) ... your mind’s ability to change your body’s
chemistry - Neurolinguistic program (NLP) ... the ability to change your perception of an event
- Epigenetics ... the current understanding on how we can alter DNA by changing nutritional and emotional environmental factors
- Nutrition ... information from a nutritional biochemist's point of view, when the information seems to be not only confusing, but even contradictory!
- Guided imagery, journaling, light hypnosis, and other holistic, integrative tools ... to help you achieve more satisfaction in the work you do every day

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